Just Baby Showers

JUST BABY SHOWERS is a division of TAB Enterprises.
TAB Enterprises is b
ased in a small town in Indiana, whos claim to fame is being the fictional town of "Hickory" in the movie HOOSIERS back in 1985. Being a family owned and operated business, TAB Enterprises offers the pleasure of personal attention to each and every order.

Founded in 2000, the first website began as an outlet for handmade crafts. In December 2000 Anissa created her first DIAPER CAKE and proudly showed it off to family and friends. Inspired by their praise the idea for turning her talents toward Baby Showers was born!

Adding FAVORS to go along with the Diaper Cakes began in 2001, and shortly thereafter in 2002 Anissa started making SOAP, and thus a new passion evolved. Since then the family has grown as well as the business, and now Tim and Anissa spend their days creating products for their websites while still experiencing the pleasure of raising 5 active kids!

We hope you enjoyed learning about us, we look forward to working with you!

Sincerely, TAB Enterprises
Tim & Anissa Bowman and Family
Tucker (1994), Sadie (1996), Gretchen (2001), Cooper (2003), Kyle (2004)

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